Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY: Fun Halloween Puzzle

My daughter's birthday falls close to Halloween so this year we are having a birthday party and a combine Halloween party.  I can't wait to see all the kiddos in their costumes.  So I will have a lots of fun crafts to show in the next few weeks.

One thing I am very excited about making was the puzzles for Halloween.  They are easy and cheap and you can even get your children to help you make them if you wanted to give them out as an alternative to candy.  As much as I would like to not give out candy, I also don't want my house egged.  :)

Great for birthday parties and holidays.You could paint anything from a cupcake to a Christmas Tree. It will keep your kids occupied for a few minutes at least!

Pumpkin Puzzle Supplies:
Package of Craft (popsicle) stick
Masking Tape
Orange, Black and Green Craft Paint
Painting Supples (brush, water, etc)

1. Lay an 8-inch piece of masking tape sticky side up on the table.  Place 5 craft sticks on the sticky side of the tape.  Make sure they are straight.

2. Break out the artist in you and paint your pumpkin face on the craft sticks.

3. Once the paint is COMPLETELY dry turn the craft sticks over and pull away the masking tape releasing all the sticks.

4. Place the craft stick in a ziplock bag with a graphic of the pumpkin and what to do.  I have my template attached so you can just print and cut them apart.  Click here for my template

The kids will work for trying to put the sticks together to make the pumpkin face.  I will take whatever amount of time I can get to occupy my daughter even if its just a few minutes.  Somebody's got to cook dinner. :)

We are using these as gifts for our guests at my daughter's birthday party this weekend.  Much better than a bunch of candy right?

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